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Blockchain Analytics

We build transparancy and trust in blockchain through comphensive, AI-driven research

Leverage our knowledge in your solutions

We follow a proven four-step protocol grounded in our previous strategy work as well as our unique approach to discovering and exploiting data-driven insights.

This is formed of: Data Foundations, Data Science Enrichment, Reusable Data Products, and Customer Experience

Cloud-Driven Blockchain Analytics

Leverage Big Data and Cloud to acquire the most comprehensive blockchain datasets

Reusable Data Products

Build Resusable Data Products to make insight consumable at scale

Data Science Enrichment

Enhance the Blockchain datasets leveraging AI/ML & Analytics

Customer Experience 

Provide unparalleled support with getting the information our clients need

Comprehensive Coverage. Impeccable Outcomes.

The real power of analytics is embedding them into the operating model of an organisation.

Our advanced analytics capabilities and data products equip you with a powerful lens to uncover insights at scale.

We believe that the most valuable insights happen at the boundaries of different disciplines, data, and techniques.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Transactions Indexed


Smart Contracts


Price Feeds


Refresh Rate



Are You Ready to Analyse the Blockchain?

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